All it takes is one dollar. One good ole buckaroo. One USD is all you need to get started and stop living paycheck to paycheck. Now, don’t get us wrong, you are not going to retire on $1.  With that said, the mind set shift that occurs when you invest (or even save) that first $1 is paramount to your FI journey. I will never forget when I had convinced Miss TTF to make her first deposit into her brokerage account.  In her words, granted words she almost never uses, she was “scared as f#$%.”  She was certain it was no better than playing the roulette wheel at the casino.  That was then….that is until she received that first dividend….a whopping $.01.  A $.01…big deal, right?  It had nothing to do with the $.01, but everything to do with the idea that your money should be working for you (not the other way around).  Today more than ever before, there are a myriad of ways to invest with low barriers to entry, low fees, and some without any fees at all.

As a couple living in one of the most expensive places in America, working two average W-2 jobs, renting 30+ miles from work, we could easily succumb to the traditional retirement age of 65, spend every penny of every paycheck, and live a life of consumer debt….but that…..(insert shiver here)….well that just plain scares the s#$& out of us!

We are Mr. and Miss TTF (Ticket to FI) and we are embarking on the ride of our life to Financial Independence.  Come join us, connect with us, and let’s learn together.