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A pretty average couple on a pretty non-average journey to FI.

hi there and welcome!

We are Mr. and Miss TTF (Ticket to FI). We’re working towards financial independence so we can live a life by our own standards. That’s why we started this blog: to get our lazy butts into gear and off the couch. We want that picturesque retired lifestyle… sitting in our backyard on a Tuesday with a marg or two, watching the sun set. 

This blog is to help keep us accountable. It will push us to learn more and more about money, frugality, financial independence, investing, minimalism, cooking, and so much more. The point is, we have a long way to go and are just beginning. We understand that it is as much about the journey as it is the destination, and that’s why we are bringing you along. 

Our plan to reach financial independence will continue to evolve and take shape as we learn more, make some mistakes, and optimize, optimize, optimize. We want to share our journey, our story, and show what it really looks like, not just how it ends up. As we work to punch our “Ticket to FI,” we want to help others do the same along the way. 

You can check out what exactly financial independence is and our whole reason for FI and why you should really, really be on board, here.

So now that you dived into the rabbit hole that is TTF, we want to tell you a little about ourselves, you know, just so you aren’t stalking strangers here.


If it's drink time, it's Margarita time!

First and foremost, I just want to be clear that it is Miss and not Mrs. (I need to wait for the ring for that one, right Hun? 😉 ).

As for my story, I am a recent college graduate from a four-year public university only a few hours from home in Southern California. I moved away for school and I started working a “real job” when I was in my second year of school. I started working an entry level job and was able to advance quite quickly to secure my first manager job just a few months after graduation. And yes, my career was actually in my major of choice. 

I was lucky enough to graduate without any student loan debt and have never used credit cards uncontrollably. I have not had any car loans and in fact, have never had any debt to my name. I’m seriously lucky, and I don’t take that for granted. But I also had parents that have always been good about money and taught my brother and I about money from the get-go. A lesson all parents should take from.

I met my future fiancé (too aggressive?) at work, because I legitimately lived at work. I would seemingly spend days at work and worked my butt off to be the best I could be. This was back when I was an hourly employee and my philosophy has since changed from working harder to working smarter. 

And well, it was unhealthy as hell. I would get sick and have headaches and I definitely abused caffeine way past my limits. I had to get snapped out of it because that could have been the rest of my life, just like so many in America.

Luckily, I did get snapped out of it by a great mentor at school. Unfortunately, when the business isn’t your own, you tend to be pretty replaceable. And that’s okay, because that’s how these businesses need to operate. 

At the same time, Mr. TTF was introducing me, and himself really, to the work of Mr. Money Mustache. We got Betterment accounts and started working with Digit. We realized that a lifelong career of working until traditional retirement at 65 just wasn’t the right fit for the lifestyle we wanted to pursue.

I have since officially quit my job and I am now pursuing our financial indpendence solely through side hustles. 

Time for a little background on Mr. TTF…

I was born and raised in the suburbs of the MidWest. After starting at a 2 year college while living at home, I moved to a large city a few hours away to finish my Bachelors in Biological Sciences. I had originally believed that I could be a doctor but somehow had a complete oversight to my reaction to blood. Let’s just say, definitely not doctor material. 

After realizing that Biological Sciences was not exactly up my alley, I moved into a far different industry, the 24-hour world of customer service. This is where I have stayed for the past for the past 10+ years. 

With career changes on the horizon, I moved out to Phoenix, Arizona. (Please, read more about my less than genius decisions on that move.) And after a few years of the sweltering heat, beautiful hikes and oh so cheap everything, I then moved to one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the US, right in the hubbub of Sunny SoCal. 

Since I was the first college graduate in my family, my basis of success was built around career success. My goals were focused solely around career moves. Trust me, I worked like a horse to get where I am, accepting positions far below what I should have been paid just to get the experience. 

Since meeting Miss TTF, my life has completely changed. I no longer work hours into the night from home, but rather enjoy a relaxing dinner with Miss TTF after work. And I actually use the PTO that is awarded to me to make trips to see family and friends rather than hoarding it all to cash it out. 

Now that Miss TTF has quit her job to focus on our side hustles, I will be our main source of income from my current position and have no plans on leaving anytime soon. I have finally reached a level of management that I have been striving for for a long time and am happy to continue in this role. 



Nobody's day should start without a mimosa.