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A pretty average couple on a pretty non-average journey to FI.

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We are Mr. and Miss TTF (Ticket to FI) and we’re working towards retiring from our W-2 jobs as quickly as we can. And we really, really mean as soon as we can. That’s why we started this blog: to get our lazy butts into gear and off the couch. We want that picturesque retired-at-30 lifestyle… sitting in our backyard watching the dog run around with the kids. 

This blog is to help keep us accountable. It will push us to learn more and more about money, frugality, financial independence, investing, cars, food, and so much more. The point is, we have a long way to go and are just beginning. We understand that it is as much about the journey as it is the destination, but we do plan to reach the destination as quickly as we can. That plan will continue to evolve and take shape as we learn more, make some mistakes, and optimize, optimize, optimize. We want to share our journey, our story, and show what it really looks like, not just how it ends up. As we work to punch our “Ticket to FI,” we want to help others along the way. 

You can check out our whole reason for FI and why you should really, really be on board if you haven’t already taken the leap here.

So now that you dived into the rabbit hole that is TTF, we want to tell you a little about ourselves, you know, just so you aren’t stalking strangers here.

miss ttf

Favorite Drink: Margarita

First and foremost, I just want to be clear that it is Miss and not Mrs. (I need to wait for the ring for that one, right Hun? 😉 ).

As for my story, I am a recent college graduate from a four-year university only a few hours from home in Southern California. I moved away for school and I started working a “real job” when I was in my second year of uni (short for university… my college roommate & now best friend says it like that and it’s so cute, so I stole it!). I started working an entry level job and was able to advance quite quickly to secure my first manager job just a few months after graduation. And yes, my (current) career is actually in my major of choice and unfortunately, a very low paying one at that.

I was lucky enough to graduate without any student load debt and never used credit cards or had car loans and in fact, have never had any debt to my name. I’m seriously lucky, and I don’t take that for granted. But I also had parents that have always been good about money and taught my brother and I about money from the get-go. A lesson all parents should take from.

I met my future fiancé (too aggressive?) at work, because I legitimately lived at work. I would somehow be at work for 36 straight hours at a time. No, I wasn’t salary and no, we weren’t understaffed. I wasn’t even supposed to be there. I just loved work that much.

Well, it was unhealthy as hell. I would get sick and have headaches and I definitely abused caffeine way past my limits. I had to get snapped out of it because that could have been the rest of my life, just like so many in America.

Luckily, I went through a bad manager or two and realized that they don’t always care about me or the work I do, so why should I? At the same time, Mr. TTF was introducing me, and himself really, to the work of Mr. Money Mustache. We got Betterment accounts. We realized that a lifelong career of working until traditional retirement at 65 wasn’t exactly the right fit for us.


Time for a little background on Mr. TTF…

Mr. TTF was born and raised in the suburbs of the MidWest.

Favorite Drink:

our goals for ticket to fi

To change the way society views coffee.
To foster confidence through beans.