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How Credit Cards Make Money

How Credit Cards Make Money

Hello TTF Community! Today we wanted to shed some light on the credit card industry. Specifically, how credit cards make money off of consumers like you and how you can take precautions to avoid paying into their wealth. But first, we have a confession to make. It is something we have had a very easy

Our Goals after I quit my job Ticket to fi

Our Goals After I Quit My Job

Yes, this is yet another article in our series of me quitting my W-2 job. It was and has been a massive change to our lives and we are still trying to process all the emotions and new systems behind it. So today we wanted to give ourselves our very own accountability partner, YOU. We

Saving 50% on One Income

How We Can Save 50% on One Income

As you may know, I am officially working from home. After lots of planning and calculating, we are ready to hit the ground running. Even though the actual day we decided to put in my notice was somewhat unplanned, we had actually planned for the possibility of me leaving wage-paying work. We had planned to

Ticket to FI Fixed Expenses

What Our Fixed Expenses Look Like

Every month we review our expenses and we separate everything into Fixed Expenses and Variable Expenses. You can take a look at our post on tracking expenses to see more about the specifics! Today we here to reveiw what our monthly fixed expenses look like. These are the items we have to pay every month

How to Track Your Monthly Bills

How to Track Your Monthly Bills

It’s almost payday again and that means “Bill Pay Day” as Mr. TTF likes to say and he is all too right. Sometimes it can feel as though the bills never stop coming. We want to help you learn how to track your monthly bills so there are no more surprises when it comes time

Car Buying Mistakes

Car Buying Mistakes: Leasing

TTF Family!! Today, we continue on the beaten path of my Early Money Mistakes, focusing on my car buying mistakes. There are more mistakes? you ask. Yes, there are more and honestly, the more that I write about these mistakes the more that come to mind. So raise your glass and cheers to me learning