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What is Financial Independence? And Why Do We Care?

Financial Independence

We’re here to tell you what financial independence is and why we are changing out lives to join the FI movement. 

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As I sit here writing our first post, I am listening to the song “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker.  There is just something about the words, the rhythm, and the beat of this song that takes me to this perfectly, happy place where I daydream of the day we make it to FI. I look up to see the very beautiful Miss TTF and it makes me want to work tirelessly to achieve our goals.

Why FI?

Why do we want to walk off into the sunset so early in life?  To be rich? Buy material things? To keep up with the Jones’?

More like D: None of the above.

In Steven Covey’s well-known book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” he writes that we should “begin with the end in mind.” Well, we have taken that to heart, and here is our “end in mind….”

We want the freedom that comes from the sacrifice early on.

Our (future) Kids

We want to raise our kids. Like, truly raise them. We want to wake up, have breakfast with our children, see them off to school. Maybe we will walk them to school, maybe we will bike them.

What we don’t want to do is our best impression of the Daytona 500 through the school drop off zone in the hopes of being 15 seconds early to our morning meeting. After we drop off the little TTF’s, the time is ours…. at least until that final bell rings.

Hopefully, we will be writing this blog, and maybe reading on our patio (Miss TTF is adamant we have a good outdoor space), or maybe we will be flipping a house.

Who knows exactly what we will be doing, but the idea is that we will be doing what we want to do.

After school, we will welcome the kiddos home, eat snacks with them, and help them with their homework. Miss TTF will surely have something amazing on the dinner table….unless it is my night to cook at which point there will definitely be “something” on the table.

We will reflect on the day together and create a tradition we hope to pass on to their children one day. After dinner, we will wind down and read some of our favorite books together.

How could we not look forward to doing this again the next day?

We don’t want to miss a thing in their lives. We want to attend everything they are involved in from field trips to sporting events and everything in between.

Our Family

Speaking of parents who didn’t miss a thing, we would be remised if we didn’t speak to those who influenced us most, our parents. Life is finite, it just is. There simply isn’t enough time in this life to spend as much of it with the people we love and care about most.

This is exactly why we do not want to work until traditional retirement age.

We don’t just want to see our parents periodically and take care of them when they are older. In FI, we will be able to say yes to every opportunity to vacation with them while we are both youngish and can explore the destinations we wish to explore.

We want them to see their future grandchildren often and not just for the holidays.

Much of that time to be with our parents and children, whether we are staying with them or they are staying with us. But hey, if we find ourselves in Bora Bora writing to you, inviting you to join us, we will do our best not to complain too much.

Life is a complete miracle, let’s make it miraculous together.

Now that we have discussed the end of the line for the TTF Express, let’s embark on the journey to FI together.

It is never too late to punch your ticket.

Tell us why you are punching in your ticket to FI in the comments! Whether you are just starting or are already sitting on the beach with a drink in hand. We would love to hear your motivation behind this journey.



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