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Why I Quit My Job... For Good. - TICKET TO FI

Why I Quit My Job… For Good.

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Miss TTF is taking the leap and quitting her W-2 job. Find out why she quit her job in order to pursue a life more suited for her goals.
Why I quit my job ticket to fi

Alright, it is official! I quit my W-2 job. For good.

It seems crazy to be writing about… but it’s true! On May 13th, I gave my notice that I would be leaving. And on July 3rd, I will have my last day at a W-2… forever (fingers crossed).

I am in a sales role at my current W-2. It is common practice for my company to “walk” sales managers when they give their notice. This means that the day you give your two-week notice is your last day. They still pay for your last two weeks but they can’t have you working on property for confidentiality purposes. Since you are normally going to be selling for a different property, there is a possibility you could potentially tank contracts or steal clients. 

Given that I wasn’t going to another property or staying in the industry, I was able to stay for the 2+ weeks. It has been 6 weeks since I gave my notice and I will be officially leaving on July 3rd. This way, I have a few days with the new manager to help train. And the office is never empty as we are in the middle of our busy season. Don’t want to leave my friends at work high-and-dry!

Why I Quit

So, the real question, “Why the heck am I quitting my job (for good) if we haven’t reached FI yet?” (Find out what FI is!)

1. Focus on Ticket to FI

We started our blog back in August of 2018 and have been trying to get it off the ground ever since. With both of us working our W-2 job 9 -10 hours a day plus our commute to and from work, we are both wiped at the end of our days. So, of course, we rarely got anything done with regards to the blog. We always put it on the back burner to the household chores, date night, and watching TV (unfortunately, lots of TV). 

We even tried dedicating our weekends to it. Yet, somehow after two years of dating and sitting home for a majority of that first year, we are now so busy! We are traveling almost every other weekend (mostly to my folks’). And we often have some sort of plans to meet up with friends during the week. So when we do have a weekend at home, we are just worthless. 

We truly admire those that can hustle with full-time jobs, kids, and find time to take care of themselves consistently. We just have no clue how you do it (please share your wealth of knowledge!). There are clear thresholds for us to “overwork” ourselves and they are extremely low. We are definitely working on that but going full-time on the blog will definitely help us get “off the ground.”  

– Teach and Contribute to the FI Community

With one of us actually contributing more than sporadically, at best, we may be able to make a difference in people’s lives. Our real goal with this is to truly teach others how to handle their money! It’s not impossible and it is important.

So often I am talking with co-workers or acquaintances, even close friends, and I can see so many areas of opportunity for them to be better with their money. We both talk about money (side hustles, savings, spending, etc.) with those closest to us all the time. But this blog is giving us a whole new platform to share what we know!

Our starter inspiration was, of course, Mr. Money Mustache, a legend in the early retirement community. But the impact he has had on so many lives is unbelievable. People’s lives have changed for the better because of the education and wisdom he has shared. That is our goal.

– Grow and Scale our Income

The end goal for us, clearly, is to reach FI, a position in our finances where we no longer need to rely on an income to sustain our lives. In order to do this, it becomes necessary for us to be able to build our own forms of income. A W-2 job could get us there, but it would take much much longer and we, frankly, are a bit impatient. So we are taking matters into our own hands.

We both want to be doing something we are passionate about. Something that if we put the hard work into, we can reap the benefits. It is hard for us to see when we put in that extra work at our W-2s and we see all the rewards do nothing but benefit the owners and not ourselves personally. That same effort can be focused on work of our own so we can reap the same rewards as our owners have been for so long.

2. Obtain a Truly Flexible Lifestyle

My W-2 is an OEM (overtime eligible manager) position. This means that I am hourly and am expected to work 45-hour work weeks in order to make my offered annual “salary” of $45,000.

Since we work in California, there are a million and one laws in place to protect employees from being taken advantage of. This means they pay us overtime, great! But they also don’t pay us for our lunch so you have an uninterupted break in your day. And every minute is counted toward your pay so there is no leaving 15 minutes early. Do that every day and you lose out on 5 hours of OT a month. For me, that would be $138.30 a month or $1,658.60 a year.

Now, luckily I have a great place of work that allows flexibility in what time I start and if I want to take a day off. But given these laws and the way in which I am paid, I don’t have an incredible amount of flexibility. And I still have to make up any hours I am not in the office or use my limited PTO.

– Work Life Flexibility

Have you ever been stuck in traffic far too early on Monday and think to yourself, “I really do not want to go to work today”?

Well, me too. And it’s not because I hate my job by any means. But more so because I know I am going to have to do what I am asked to by my co-workers, my boss, my clients, and generally anyone who needs anything at anytime. I am going to have to jump on calls and fight for business that I know they don’t want and go to meetings for half my day when I’ll probably be thinking about everything else I would rather be doing.

And sadly, it’s not my company’s fault. This is just the nature of having a job where you have to answer to someone else. In fact, my job is fantastic! My job has incredible benefits, fun co-workers that have become friends, a company culture that makes you proud to work there, and even free food!

I want the freedom to be able to control my own work day. I want to have the liberty to prioritize my tasks based on my own standards of measurement. There are certain areas of any job that intrigue me more than others. And I want to be able to expand of those interests at my own pace with tenacity.

– Location Flexible

To me, working a 9.5 hour work day and reporting to an office underground was just not the right fit for my ideal lifestyle. I want to see the sun every day and have the flexibility to work from a beach in Mo’orea on a whim, if that’s what we decide.

Obviously, we’re not going to Mo’orea anytime soon on with our current income levels… but we definitely have goals. And this flexible lifestyle is still only partially complete as Mr. TTF will still be working full time. However, only having to work with one schedule for the holidays and PTO will be so much easier and allow us much more flexibility than we have now, for sure.

And as silly as it sounds, being able to schedule doctor’s appointments at the first available time is so much nicer than waiting until a 5 pm appointment is available in 2 months. And… COSTCO. No more Saturday/Sunday madhouse shopping! Such a small piece to this puzzle, but hey, you have to take every win you can get!

Time Flexible

Lastly, a large part of that flexible lifestyle is the freedom to choose what hours you work. Some days just call for 12 hours of work and there is no one there to tell you that you are close to getting double time and you need to leave (another California law). And some days only call for a quick check-in because you’ve created efficient processes and you’re free for the rest of your day without losing out on 7 hours of pay.

And of course, the commute plays a large factor in this. Mr. TTF and I live 16 miles from my place of work. And every day, I have to drive with the flow of traffic. This could be a drive anywhere from 20 minutes (if I am super late/early and miss the rush) up to an hour plus if I catch it perfectly wrong.

It can really wear on you wasting so much time just sitting dead-stop on the freeway every morning with all the other frutstrated commuters. If I could’ve spent that extra hour at work I would’ve make an extra $27.66 (overtime) a day. Totalling up to $553.20 a month. And not to mention the actual cost of driving so much each day (more details on that to come in a different post).

I could have even used that extra hour at home to complete chores, get more sleep (I love sleep), work on the blog, or just be with the most hilarious and handsome, Mr. TTF. It’s simply frustrating wasting that much time every single day. And I don’t even have kids that I could be spending that time with like so many of my fellow commuters do.

Now What?

Now you know that I quit my W-2 to live a more balanced and focused lifestyle pursuing our passions. Next up we want to tell you how this is all going to be possible and outline some real goals for my time at home. Check back soon for updates!

In the meantime, why would you want to quit your W-2 job? Maybe to spend more time with your family or travel the world? Or just get out of a terrible job? Tell us in the comments!

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